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What is a Family

The funds, stocks, and indices in the FastTrack database are classified into categories of related families. Families contain related fund and stock issues. There are a good number of categories each containing many families.

The four major categories are Mutual Funds, Stocks, Indexes and User.

User Families are Families that you create yourself. User Families may contain funds, ETFS, symbols you make up yourself, and/or stocks.  You can view all the families from the Family Tree on the Load Family Window.

The Family Tree

  • The “ALL” Categories contain all issues in several very broad groups.
  • The “Equity” Category contains funds and ETFs that that invest in equity securities.
  • The “Fixed Income” Category contains funds and ETFs that that invest in credit securities.
  • The “Objective” Category contains families that are defined by investment objectives. Examples of Objective families are “Long-Short Equity” (Long short equity funds ), “Convertibles” (funds that invest in convertible debt), “Leveraged” (Funds that use leverage).
  • Additionally we have various other families categorizing funds and ETFs into
    • Company
    • Share Classes
    • Fees
    • Purchase Min
    • Manager Tenure
    • Fund Size
    • Avg Volume

You cannot change or add any families except those in the Personal Category.

All the other categories are maintained by FastTrack, however, you may mix and match all families with the Sieve.

We Keep the Families Straight for You

As fund companies update their offerings and new stocks come to market, FastTrack updates the predefined families. If you have a question about FastTrack families, call us. If a change is warranted, we will do it.

  • Families are totally updated about 8 times/year.
  • Personal families are NEVER updated. You maintain these yourself.