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Sieve Practical Example


In this post, I’ll walk through a typical use case of a fund sieve.

Investors Question: “I have a Fidelity retirement account. Where do I start?”

For this really simple example, we’re going to load all the funds in the Fidelity family. Then remove all funds that are not in the Giant family. Then we’ll remove all funds that have a front end load.


  1. First, sign in to FT Cloud, open the spreadsheet tab (labeled “FT Cloud”), and click the “Load Family button in the upper right.FT Cloud Sieve
  2. Next, we’re going to load the Fidelity family (Funds>>Company>>All>>Manage Large Number of Funds >> Fidelity)FT Cloud Sieve
  3. This next step is the important part. The Fidelity family has 913 funds. We want to pare this down to a more manageable, actually invest-able list. To start, we’re going to press the “and” button with the “FundSize-Giant” selected. This will keep only the Fidelity funds that overlap with the Giant funds family (ie… remove all tiny funds, super specific funds, etc).FT Cloud Sieve
  4. Next, we’ll whittle a little more and remove all funds in the “Loads-Front” family by pressing the “Remove-” button with “Loads-Front” selected.
  5. Press the load button in the lower right to load the final 197 funds.

So, to summarize. We used the sieve to remove a variety of “unwanted” funds. We started with the 913 Fidelity family, then we worked our way down to the 197 funds that make the most sense for the fund scan/sieve.