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Also visit for examples how to to use FT Cloud’s prebuild families.

Sieve on FT Cloud Spreadsheet Tab

FT Cloud Sieve

Use the sieve to create a custom family from existing families. The family members resulting from the sieve computations are placed in the issue list under the sieve.

Action Buttons

Click the left most columns of buttons to place families into the sieve and take the specific actions described below.

  • Clear – Clears the sieve but not the Issue List. To clear the Issue List, right-click on the list and click “Clear List”
  • Add + – Adds the selected family’s funds to the sieve.
  • Remove – – Subtracts any funds common to the selected family and the sieve from the current sieve.
  • And – Removes issues from the list that are not in the family.
  • Xor – Removes issues from the list that are in the family and adds issues of the family that are not in the list.


The “results” column tell how many issues are included in the list at each step of the computation. The “family” column in the issue list tells which of the families processed in the sieve contained each issue.

The “action” column in the sieve shows which button was clicked when placing the family into the sieve row