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FT Cloud Charts

The FT Cloud chart window can display 9 different charts. Click on the chart information below for more details or Learn how to change charts

A, D, I, M, P, R, T, V, J

T Chart – Total Return

The T Chart Shows Price Change and Total Return

P Chart – Price Chart

Draws a long and short moving average of the red ticker. trade indicators are displayed when the long and short moving averages cross.

I Chart – RSI

Displays wells wilder’s RSI indicator

D Chart – Draw Down

Displays max draw down and percent of time in drawdown vs total return

M Chart – MACD

Moving-Average-Convergence-Divergence (MACD) is a trend-following indicator.

MACD is a momentum indicator. It works when prices bounce like a ball. As the ball rises, it gradually slows until it reaches its peak, and then it accelerates as it falls. MACD follows that motion. The switches occur as the ball becomes motionless at tops and bottoms. The indicator moves above/below the center as the issue reaches tops and bottoms.

R-Chart – Relative Strength

The Relative Strength Chart compares the performance of the red and green lines. The yellow line is the raw relative strength line of the red line calculated as the ratio between the percent return of the red line and the percent return of the green line.
When the yellow line upturns, the red line is outperforming the green line. Conversely, if the yellow line moves down, the fund is under performing.

If the yellow line is flat or horizontal, the red line and green line performance is the same. Relative strength works well when the red and green lines are not highly correlated.

Relative Strength does not generate is own signals as does AccuTrack, an alternate expression of relative strength.

A Chart – AccuTrack

AccuTrack is a trend-following indicator. When the red line’s price momentum changes relative to the green line’s price momentum, AccuTrack gives a signal.

AccuTrack works well when one, but not both, the red or green line is in a strong uptrend or a downtrend. AccuTrack, like all trend-following indicators, is useless when the market moves sideways trendlessly.

AccuTrack is especially unsuitable when both the red and green lines are in downtrends.

V Chart – Moving Average Histogram

Plot moving average crosses or %filters of moving average crosses

J Chart – Adjusted Return

Adjusted Return J chart is not an indicator. It shows the results of trading signals generated by the chart immediately above the J Chart.