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What’s in the FastTrack Stocks Database?

We’ve posted in the past about the decreasing number of investible stocks in the US ( Per the post, there’s about 3,000 investible companies listed in the US. But, FastTrack has approximately 4,500 stocks in the database. What makes up the difference?

First, FastTrack tries to include every stock listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges (including NYSE Arca and NYSE American). Those exchanges both have their own price, market cap, and volume requirements for listing/maintaining a listing. We update new listings/ discontinued issues as they IPO and/or approximately every month.

Adding all NASDAQ and NYSE tickers brings us to approximately 4000 tickers. Next, we take any liquid, large and mega cap over the counter ticker and add those in. Those names are typically international companies such as Tencent Holding, Royal Dutch Shell, Nestle SA, HSBC Holdings, Toyota Motor, etc. Typically there are 300-400 such tickers, rounding the database out to ~4,500.

There are thousands more OTC tickers out there, but the data quality and investability of those assets are low, so we can’t include them in the database.

Now, with all those tickers at hand, it’s very useful to sort and sift those securities with the the FT Cloud or FastTrack family sieve. In the screenshots below we’ll use the FT Cloud family sieve to analyze all liquid large securities.

  1. Sign in to FT Cloud, click the “Spreadsheet/Chart” tab, then click the “Load Family” in the upper right corner.
  2. Expand the Stocks >> Avg Volume Trees on the left of the new window
  3. Select each of “Volume-Over 5 Mil” then click “Add” in the upper right
  4. Select each of “Volume-1-5 Mil” then click “Add”
  5. Select each of “Volume-500k-1Mil” then click “Add”
  6. Click “Load” at the bottom right

Now, you should see the ~1,800 liquid securities on the spreadsheet