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Name Change: FT Cloud replaces FT Rebalance

FT Rebalance is now FT Cloud. FT Cloud has all the features of FT Rebalance, plus more.

A year ago FT Rebalance started as a simple momentum strategy builder, but over time as we received feedback, its expanded to a full service investing product and includes spreadsheets, charts, timing, and modeling. The usability has improved. We’ve added a ton of workflow and time saving features. And overall really tuned up the product.

Because we’ve significantly expanded the new product (and now products), we decided to change the name to reflect our broader offerings.

The new name is FT Cloud and FT Cloud has two product levels.

  • FT Cloud is our entry level product and is a good for straight data analysis. It includes a the spreadsheet, charting, correlation matrix, and quick view
  • FT Cloud+ is a more advanced product which includes all offering of FT Cloud, plus our modeling/strategy tools (Compare, Trade, and Optimizer tabs).

All existing users subscriptions will roll over to the FT Cloud+ subscription. Existing users have uninterrupted service, all the same features, and more.

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