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Versions History

Release Date
Minor update adding dates to Spreadsheet columns on export
Adding support for “LIST AVG” keyword on FT Chart
Lots of good stuff in this update
Add parenthesis around any ticker to invert the returns.
Example: (JPM) will display the inverse results and stats for JPMorgan Chase
“SCREEN AVG” keyword added to T chart. Click for screen average example
Right click any ticker on the FT Chart and a new menu item will appear “Launch FT Cloud Web”. This will open your internet browser with a web chart of this ticker.
Two new search features on Spreadsheet/Chart tab.
Search and directly load families from the family search box on the left. Additionally, search ticker and name fields of any tickers loaded on the spreadsshet with the “Search Sheet” function on the right.
Faster loading of “Load Family” tree on spreadsheet and new option to delete rows from the sieve (right click “Delete” or use “delete” key on keyboard).
Small update: FT Chart now supports moving date flags vertically along the poles.
Added support for unadjusted data
Bug fix to new Hurdle Rate Timeline feature. Previous versions did not properly drop the last fund from the ranking when calculating hurdles without “replace”
Bug fix to advanced model loading. Previous versions did not properly recall previously saved “number of market days” parameters
Add new Moving Average Timing script to hurdle rate. See full documentation here: Hurdle Rate Docs
Bug fix to FT Cloud+ log printing. Previous versions intermittently wrote blank logs for momentum models.
Added additional hot keys for FT Cloud Chart. Specifically, SHIFT+1 now creates FNU of J Chart’s adjusted line.
Added “S” chart for stochastics. More info and documentation ASAP
Dividend details added to chart. More info and documentation ASAP
Minor to update to v3.2.0.1 to mitigate update issues for some users. No new features of changes, just patches to the update mechanism.
FNUs are not dividend adjusted. Check out the FNU help page here:
Chart enhancement – color bar names now wrap to 1+ lines to show ticker’s entire name
Bug fix that prevented certain indexes to show “invalid ticker symbol” error
Bug fix to trade optimizer user interface
Updates to FT Cloud+ timing feature. SEttings save from session to session and better error messages when using custom timing signals/ manual input
Minor update fixing bug in drawdown minimizer custom dates
Enhancement to Hurdle date to accommodate “<>” operator in custom scripts
Lots of great updates!
Major improvements to printing FT Cloud+ Compare tab and FT Chart. Click the printer icon (upper right) on the compare tab and right click >> print on the FT Chart. A internet browser window will pop up with the stats, chart, etc
Static models will now accept fractional weightings. Prior releases only accepted whole numbers. Now you can really drill down specific portfolios.
FT Cloud+ >> Compare tab timing screen now accepts custom trading signals.
MUCH IMPROVED copy and paste. Prior versions had inconsistent results. Now, pasting static models, families, spreadsheet lists, etc should be much more streamlined and accurate
Three new stats/columns on the spreadsheet. We’ve added moving average values under MA1 and MA2. These columns show the moving average (length specified in the right hand column list) on the spreadsheet’s end date. Also, we’ve added the “price” column. This shows the price on the end date of the spreadsheet.
“Send to spreadsheet” button included on Data >> Static Model screen
General styling improvements
Added custom rebalance schedule support for bulk static model creation in Data>Static model tab
Fixed bug to allow deletion of FT Cloud+ >> Trade Tab snapshots
FT Cloud+ Export>> save as picture now supports custom file names.
Various fixes for dates sorting as text
Forgot password shortcut added to log in page
Bug fix to advanced model loading on FT Cloud+>> Compare
Bug fix to spreadsheet 7 year date hot key. Prior version were showing 8 years.
Added RSI column to spreadsheet. Learn more about RSI here:
FT Cloud now saves custom rebalance days (on compare tab) from session to session. This will help drive efficiency day to day when building models.
Fixed issue with FT Cloud API that caused overseas windows machine to throw errors when loggin in. All versions going forward should operate as expected in any part of the world.
Fix to FNU reader. Previous version had errors when converting non market days to market days on month end only data series./a>
Family color labeling. For users with many families, color coding can help visually organize families. ie Bond families in green, Sector families in red, etc, etc.
New clean family button on family tab. Click button to scan all families and remove invalid/discontinued tickers.
Various bug fixes
Improvements to Hedge Optimizer
Complete integration of new fund, etf, and stock families. All auto populate boxes populate with standard FT Cloud families.
Many bug fixes
Exciting new feature: Adding Leverage to Portfolios.
Bug fix to window size at startup
FT Chart hot key and pole improvements.
Bug fix to spreadsheet/FT Chart ticker scrolling
Family tab and static model updates. Edit button added and requires a click to update existing static models/families.
Additional fixes to hedge optimzer.
Updates to family tab and static model input. Edit button click is now required to change existing models/families.
Various bug fixes.
1 day trade delay on J chart now default. In previous versions J chart showed a 0 day delay
FT Chart now automatically advanced to the most recent market day
Bug fix to moving average hurdle rate
Bug fix to weekly reblancing momentum models that use FT alpha
Follow on updates to v3.0.8.12
New ability to save family from spreadsheet family tree.
Static model tab now available to FT Cloud users.
Follow on updates to v3.0.8.10
Rename FT Cloud tab to “Spreadsheet/Chart”.
Updated Load Family tree.
Various bug fixes.
Follow on updates to v3.0.8.7
Various usability fixes for white background on FT Chart.
Added save feature to FT Chart. Click here for more details
Improved usability for white background FT Chart.
Numerous speed improvements and stream line updates.
Follow on updates to v3.0.7.1
New family loading tab on FT Cloud tab (spreadsheet).
Click here for the help page
Click here for a use case

Major fix to FT Alpha and sharpe ration momentum/value models. The previous 2 versions calculated a one day cash position after each rebalance day when using the following parameters:

  • model rebalance and rank period were not equal
  • trade delay equals 1
  • basis is not the equity curve
Variety of bug fixes on the FT Chart
Variety of bug fixes and improvements
  • Added simple moving average switch
  • Save moving average setting between sessions
  • Bug fix on ft chart zoom hotkey
  • Hurdle rate enabled on static models
  • Better saving ft chart font changes between sessions
  • Bug fix on “match ft4web” options
  • Better fnu refreshing when saving/deleting fnus
  • Eliminated “Cloud FNU” feature
  • Various minor bug fixes

FT Cloud now includes data for FastTrack’s exciting new product, The FastTrack Core Fund, LP

  • The fund is managed by Paul and Daniel Charbonnet using techniques developed by FastTrack over the last 25-years
  • For now, its open only 99 current and former FastTrackers, including both individuals and client accounts of FastTrack money managers
  • The FastTrack ticker FTCF+ is update daily (with a one day delay)
  • Inception was on the close of 7/31/14. Prior history in the FT database was generated using FTCloud Plus modeling.
  • All expenses of the fund have applied to FTCF+.
  • Click for our Introduction PowerPoint or Call 866-295-0166 x 4.
Font size, weight, and family changes on FT Chart.
White background option on FT Chart.
Numerous speed improvements and stream line updates.
Momentum model log bug fix. In previous versions, momentum models with a 0 day trade delay reported incorrect holdings on the last day of the log.
Data download expansion. Previous version only allowed downloading 750 tickers at a time. In all versions going forward, the spreadsheet will load up to 2500 tickers at a time.
New Feature – Bulk Static Creator
New Feature – Hedge optimizer
Static model calculation fix – previous versions applied a 0% return to the ticker’s weighting when calculating model values to dates prior the the a fund’s existence. All versions going forward will move the model’s start date to the common date of all funds in the model.
Update to value model – Previous versions applied a 0% return to rankings over time period that ticker did not exist. Going forward, tickers that do not exist will be dropped from the family for that ranking period.
New ability to change FT Chart color bar colors. Right click on ticker description and select “change color” .

Many improvement to chart in FT Cloud

  • Improved poles
  • Improved hot keys
  • Drag and drop between color cells (click and drag fund names)
  • Rescale RSI chart
  • New stats in upper left corner of all timing chart
LAYOUT CHANGE – All FT Cloud chart parameters have moved to the “Parameters Window”. Access this window by pressing “U” while mouse is over window or right click and select “parameters” from the menu.
Bug fix to timing window
Many improvements with screen scrolling
Updated features in “manage family averages” button on data tab
General bug fixes and improvements
Export dividend adjusted data via CSV files from spreadsheet
Improved FastTrack built family searching on spreadsheet
More date short cuts added to spreadsheet and charts (3mo, 6mo, 9mo, 3yr, 7yr)
Right click “Save as fnu” added to compare tab color bar. This allows quicker FNU saving of individual models
“Save all” button added to Data>>Family>>manage family averages window
Beta added to compare tab statistics table
Bug fixes to compare tab export>> print report feature
General bug fixes
Speed improvements
FT Cloud Chart Trend lines
Preloading FT4win flat files out of beta
Basic bug fixes
Hot keys added to FT Cloud Chart
Moving average (V) chart added to FT Cloud Chart
Multiple FT Cloud charts available. Just click the “New” button to launch a new, independent chart window.
Numerous bug fixes.
Numerous update and improvements to FT Cloud chart
Bug fix to draw down minimizer trade delay
New feature: Family average building
Many improvements to the FT cloud chart window
Fix to custom rebalance dates. Prior versions were off +/- 1 day when ranking +/- more than 10 days behind or in front of the end of the month
Update to timing on compare tab. Previous some models were showing 0 day delay when 1 delay selected
Changed name to FT Cloud
New charts for the spreadsheet chart.
Bug fixes and enhancements
Various spreadsheet bug fixes
Bug fixes and enhancements to correlation matrix
New Feature- Spreadsheet Quick View Read help page here
Fix to rank period. Previous versions look back were slightly offset. Ex: Monthly rank on Feb 28 looked back to Jan 28.. not Jan 31. This will causes a slight change in some saved models.
New Feature- Import local FT4win database. Now, quickly import all FT data for much faster performance and analysis of larger datasets See blog post here
New Feature- FT Correlation Matrix. Read help page here
Fix to Advanced chart detail window – previous versions showed incorrect percent of total portfolio values
Bug fix – Hurdle rate threw erroneous messages when applying/using scripts
Bug fix – Family builder gave incorrect “invalid ticker symbol” messages on duplicate tickers
New Feature- FT Charting. Read help page here
Building families and scanning tickers with FT Rebalance is getting easier! The is feature brings a pop out a FT4win style chart to help visualize data on the spreadsheet.
New Feature- Drawdown Minimizer. Read the latest strategy blog post here
Read the help page here. This feature allows you to overlay a moving average timing strategy on top of the FT Rebalance asset allocation momentum strategy. Feedback welcome! Email
Faster data loading! Under the hood, FT Rebalance is applying new compression techniques to massively increase family and price data loading. That being said, the max family size is increased to 750 tickers.
Fix to hurdle rate window that caused erroneous “script is blank” message.
Advanced model details window update. All advanced model detail windows show individual allocations for each strategy in the advanced model.
Advanced model details window update. All advanced model detail windows show individual allocations for each strategy in the advanced model.
Details window update- the close of the rebalance day now reflect the positions after the rebalance.
Correlation length on log in tab can now be set below 10.
Major improvement to compare tab printing
Custom rebalance period bug fix. Prior versions added an extra trade date on last day in database when “Rank offset +/- mkt days” less than 0
Easier multi-delete functions for all spreadsheets
Fixed bug that caused trade optimizer error when using FT Alpha
Trade Optimizer improvement- Basis is now a parameter. Choose “use equity curve” and/or define basis as ticker(s). For multiple tickers, separate by commas
Fixed bug that caused some custom rebalance periods to return “object not defined” error
Tons of new updates and features!
Custom rebalance periods – Many users have asked to define their own trade dates, and now its finally here. Just click on the “rebalance” drop down and select “Custom.” Click here to get all the details
New Trade tab Step 2 option – Now you can auto populate your step 2 with the model results vs hand entering a snapshot. Additionally, this feature reduces the steps needed to exactly match the compare tab when ranking by FT Alpha or Sharpe and using the equity curve as the basis.
Apply hurdle feature added to the trade tab. Now its much easier to get recommendations using hurdle strategies.
Overlay Trade Days check box added – Check this box to highlight trade dates. When defining complex custom trade dates, this makes identifying trades much easier.
Bug fixes to load and save feature of compare tab
New FT Rebalance web site
Bug fix- Prior versions showed a flat line when drawing static models with rebalance = never.
Bug fix when right clicking to move models from trade optimizer to compare tab.
v1.0.5.24 and v1.0.5.18 experiences issues when transferring models that had equal
rank period and rebalance periods. In such cases all compare tab models we switched
to equal rank by and rebalance. v1.0.5.25 fixes this.
Added beta statistic to spreadsheet and trade optimizer
Bug fix to FNU cache refresh. Now cache auto updates local files a new FNU is exported
from the comapre tab.
Bug fix when uploading FNUs from CSV files. Also, added right click to save cloud
fnu to file.
Default setting for “trade delay” is hidden. Click “Adv [+]” to show.
User interface updates for hurdle.
Trade delay implemented on start date. In prior versions first trade was implemented
as if 0 trade delay.
Trade tab bug fix to sell recomendation sorting when using Rank By = FT Alpha and
percent to sell less than 100%
Trade tab bug fix to buy recomendations when using Model = None and percent to sell
less than 100%
Improved feed back when benchmark and basis values are invalid
New right click shortcut- right click on model details window on compare tab (shift + mouse move over chart) to show “launch” shortcuts.
Bug fix that caused compare tab to crash. Prior versions crashed when calculating strategies with
1) “Match ft4web” check box checked,
2) value model selected,
3) family contains a ticker that does not exist before the model start date.
Improved user experience for saving, loading, editing compare models and advanced
models. Tool tips with details model details added to compare parameters. And improved
user feed back on model errors.
Added option to increase web timeouts for slower internet connections (Located in
advanced option box on login tab). Use this only if you are experiencing “-6000000”
or “timeout” errors.
Added MaxDraw down statistic (MDD) to the
hurdle rate script and improved logging.
Removed sort glyph from the spreadsheet column header.
New Feature: “Per Year” sub tab at lower left of the compare tab. This shows the
annualized or total return of each model for specified time periods
Many improvements to save, save as, and load dialogues
Improved log on speed
Various bug fixes
New Feature: Save trade recommendations as Snapshot using the “Save as Snapshot”
button found at upper left corner of recommendation grid.
Bug fix on trade tab date display when using market days
Various bug fixes related to copy and pasting from data grids
Trade tab snapshot defaults to $100k money market when no snapshot entered
Improved cutting and pasting and other various bug fixes/improvements.
New percent sub tab added to trade tab. Percent sub tab shows percent allocations
for recomended portfolio.
New “Advanced” model added to model list. The advanced model is a combination of
a static model and momentum models. With the advanced model, you can easily chart
an equity curve that has static buckets of momentum models. Ex: 80% of assets allocated
to an equity momentum model and 20% of assets allocated to a bond momentum model.
New “Hurdle Rate” added to compare tab. The hurdle rate is a minimum value for the
ranking metric (return, ftalpha, or sharpe) for each rebalance period. Ex: If hurdle
rate is defined as VUSTX and rank by is return, then each family member must have
a return greater than or equal to VUSTX to be considered a valid investment for
the rebalance period.
New Hurdle script feature added to compare tab. Similar to the hurdle rate, but
more advanced. The hurdle script allows the user to define a upper or lower bound
for a number of statistics. You can write simple statements like:1) “SD<VFINX,12” – for each rebalance period, only invest in funds that have
12 month standard deviation less than VFINX2) “UI<4,2” – for each rebalance period, only invest in funds that have 2 month
ulcer index less than 4Click here for more details
Basis and benchmarch separated on trade, spreadsheet, and trade optimizer tabs
Trade optimizer now accepts date range
Automatic notice when upgrades are available
Improved FNU uploading
Improved hot keys. On compare tab, when equity curve detail shown (shift + mousemove),
switch between different equity curves by pressing “R”,”G”,”Y” or “B.”
Stocks database beta ended
New beta stocks database. “Beta” due to the new infrastructure providing the data
feed. Data is as good or better than existing. (list of new stocks coming) To enable,
click the check box under calculation options on the login tab to enable.
Improved FNU functionality. Now specify a local file path to use FNUs from local
disk. This eliminates the need up upload FNUs one by one. Local file formats must
be FNU file formats.
Improved privacy for login password and cancel button added to compare tab.
Improved workflow- right click family name in family sub tab of the data tab to
show “Update all tabs to Family” menu. This will make all “family” parameters the
selected family.
Added more statistics to spreadsheet
Fixed minor UI bugs on trade tab and upload FNUs subtab
Reorgainized trade tab to maximize buy and sell recommendation spreadsheet
Export all equity curves in trade optimizer tab to FNU files
Bug fixes on column order/ saving between sessions
Bug fixes on saving snapshots on snapshot sub tab
Added maximize chart feature to compare tab
Added ability to right click and remove tickers from the buy recomendations on the
trade tab.
Updated spreadsheet look and feel and columns sizes and orders are not remembered
session to session.
Improved cutting and pasting of a variety of fields
Launch compare chart detail and data tab family into spreadsheet functionality added
FNUs – upload and manage data that is not part of the standard FastTrack database.
FNUs can be used just like any other ticker
Import families from FT4Web
Rank period added to compare and trade optimizer tabs, so no creating models with
differing rebalance and rank periods is now possible. Ex: monthly rebalancing based
on quarterly ranking
Market day “rebalance” and “rank by” functionality added to trade optimizer
Improved data input for family, snapshot, static model, and trade tabs
Launch subscription renewal with account number as password pre-filled
Various improvements and bug fixes
Trade optimizer tab added
Match FT4Web functionality added
Model sell threshold variable added
Add cloud based storage for all families, snapshots, and other saved items
Static model added to compare and trade tab
Added export compare tab models to FNU support
Improved data input for trade tab, snapshots, and families
Spreadsheet tab added
Beta Release