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Fund, ETF, Stock, and Index Requests

Targeting next day turn around

If we’re missing a security that’s important to you, don’t be shy and request to

Send us any fund, ETF, stock or index and we will add it.

Database Basics

For mutual funds, we target including Investor and Institutional classes of all US funds available for sale.

As a default, we include all ETFs and listed US stocks that have a 90-day volume over a certain threshold. As of 7/25/19, that’s 2,250+ ETFs and 5,000+ stocks and ADRs.

Customer is Always Right

All that being said, if it’s important to you we’ll add it.

A long-time FastTracker sent us a list of his broker’s NTF symbols not in FastTrack. The list was an assortment of non-Investors and non-Institutional share classes totaling over 700 symbols. We turned those around the next day!

Don’t be shy. We target getting requests in by the next day, with many requests added the same day. Fire away!