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Smart Beta and High Yield

We’re highlighting smart beta and actively managed ETFs again this week. While still a small portion of the overall market (see the attached article), increased market volatility and rising interest rates are bringing investor interest back to active.

For now, mostly in bond products, but re: the attached article, international and emerging market products are picking up, with $239 billion in fund flows last year vs $692 billion flowing into passively managed funds

Here’s how you would use FT Cloud to investigate the investment prospects of the active high yield funds highlighted in the article.

  1. Load spreadsheet and click “Load Family” in upper right. 
  2. Expand the tree to “Funds & ETFs” >> “Fixed Income” >> High Yield. Double click high yield to load all high yield tickers into the grid on the right.  
  3. Next, expand “Funds & ETFs”>> “Company”>> “ETF.” Then single click “All-ETF” and the press the “And” button on the upper right. This remove any tickers that are not in both the “High Yield” and “All ETF” family. This will leave us with only the High Yield ETFs.
  4. Next click load and start analyzing the ETFs in the spreadsheet. Rank by risk, return, correlation, and performance compared to the benchmark. See last weeks article on how to choose a benchmark (