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FastTrack’s suite of software is designed to make mutual fund investing straight forward and effective. FastTrack excels in high quality dividend adjusted mutual fund, ETF, and stock market data.

All software offerings are Windows programs and are fully compatible with all supported versions of Windows (including tablets). Installs are quick and simple.

FT Cloud

FT Cloud is the next version of our most popular product FT4Web.
We’ve aimed to recreate the most popular features of FT4win in a more easily accessed, user friendly, and flexible platform.

This is a a great tool for mutual fund investing, ETF investing, and stock investing.

  • New and improved look and feel
  • Charting, Timing, Spreadsheet, Correlation matrix, Quick Views
  • High quality ETF, mutual fund, and stocks database
  • Includes ALL 16,000+ ticker
  • New software is 10-25x faster than legacy product.
  • Cloud based! Same experience on all machines and no backups necessary.

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FT Cloud +

FT Cloud + contains all features of FT Cloud, plus our innovative strategy and modeling tools.
Our strategy tools focus on momentum investing, static allocation investing, and other low volatility strategies.

Again, this is a great choice for mutual fund investing, ETF investing, and stock investing.

  • Build, compare, back test, and analyze many different asset allocation strategies.
  • Combine asset allocation and timing to minimize drawdowns
  • Quickly explore ideas with the FT Strategy’s optimizer. Crunch 100-1000s of models in seconds.
  • “Idea generating” or “strategy testing” tasks are a breeze. Task that will take a whole day of excel work are easily converted into a few button clicks.

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FT Lightning

FT Lightning offers access to FastTrack’s award winning data via an easy to use, fully documented API. FT Lightning allows data users and developers to build upon and extend applications in new, creative and versatile ways.

The API offers access to the 16,000+ dividend adjusted mutual fund, ETF and
stock databases, as well as a numerous statistical and technical indicators.

If you’re building mutual fund investing, ETF investing, and stock investing software. FT Lightning is the premier data source.

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This is our best selling and most mature product. FT4Web charts, ranks, and analyzes all funds in the FastTrack database. FT4Win downloads all data on your local computer and requires a daily date update. As such, the data can also be used by most popular mutual fund investing, ETF investing, and stock investing packages such as AmiBroker, MetaStock, and AIQ and more.

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