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FastTrack’s suite of software is designed to make mutual fund, ETF, and stock investing straight forward and effective. FastTrack excels in high quality dividend adjusted mutual fund, ETF, and stock market data.All software offerings are Windows programs and are fully compatible with all supported versions of Windows (including tablets). Installs are quick and simple.


$63+/ mo

  • Best selling and most mature product
  • Charts, ranks, and analyzes Funds, ETFs, Stocks & Indexes
  • Local Database with nightly downloads
  • Integrates with 3rd party investing packages such as AmiBroker, MetaStock, and AIQ and more

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FT Cloud

$65+ / mo

  • Newest product with modern look and feel
  • Charting, Timing, Spreadsheet, Correlation matrix, Quick Views
  • Cloud Database and storage, no daily updates
  • Advanced Portfolio modeling, Asset allocation modeling, and Momentum modeling

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Data API

$100+ / mo

  • 20,000+ mutual funds, ETFs, indexes, and stocks available
  • Database covers virtually all investable assets back to 1988
  • 3 options to suit all development needs
  • Understandable and proven licencing terms

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Detailed Pricing


FT4Web is priced on the data you consume and we charge per database. We offer 3 paid databases and 1 free database:

  1. Open and Closed End Funds and ETFs/ETNs – 12k+ Mutual Funds, 2.5k+ ETFs, and 500+ Closed End Funds
  2. Stocks 1 – Largest 2000 stocks by market cap
  3. Stocks 2 – 3000+ remaining non OTC stocks and ADRs
  4. Indexes (Free) – 800+ indexes, including all major distributors/creators
Subscription Duration Any One Database Any Two Databases All Three Databases Index Database
Annual $546 $819 $956
Quarterly $167 $251 $293 No Charge
Monthly $66 $100 $118

FT Cloud

FT Cloud is priced on the service level, listed below. Both FT Cloud products include all tickers in the FastTrack database.
FT Cloud FT Cloud+

$65 a month

$100 a month

20k+ Funds, ETFs, & Stocks 20k+ Funds, ETFs, & Stocks
250 Families Unlimited Families
Spreadsheet Spreadsheet
Cloud Database Cloud Database
Static Modeling Only All Modeling
4 Processor 4 Processor
60 minutes Phone Training 60 minutes Phone Training