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Why FastTrack Is Unique

Data Quality

FastTrack is known for data quality. FULL STOP. We specialize in accurate historical dividends. Click here to learn more about why this matters.

Our Data Process

Over the past 30 years, FastTrack has pioneered innovative processes to ensure data quality for our clients.

Machine Learning and AI

To start, we collect open, close, high, low and volume data from multiple primary market sources. Once aggregated, we apply the FastTrack proprietary processes.

Next, we use our clean, historical data to check for internal consistency. We use relative strength, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms to check all new and existing dividends against the funds/ETF/stocks other dividends, and when available, other share classes.

From there, we flag outliers and potential missing dividends to process from secondary market sources.

Human TLC

A second layer of machine learning and AI processes is kicked off and we bubble up outliers for human analysis.

Our data team reaches out directly to our network of fund companies to collect straight from the source.

Crowd Sourcing since 1988

Supplementing all of this is our clients. We’ve been crowdsourcing data from our users before crowdsourcing became a buzz word. You are incredible. We get copies of statements, challenges from analysis… you name it. Client challenges rise to the top and we fix data when it is wrong.

Customer Support

Software is hard. Investing is hard. We’re here to help.

For 30 we’ve trained investors, RIAs, asset managers, interns, you name it. We’re good at flattening learning curves.

All subscriptions include as needed tech support. Our North Carolina based office is open M-F 9-5 PM EST for tech support and training. Call us at (866) 295-0166.