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Parameters Panel

FT Cloud Parameter Panel

  1. Moving Average

    The moving average (V chart) has three parameters which can be
    changed in the chart parameter settings (upper left hand corner).
    • MA smooth length – This is a the master MA which we will apply a crossing MA or
      a filter.
    • MA Cross length – When this check box is selected, a signal occurs where the MA
      Smooth crosses the MA Cross.
    • MA filter percentage – The difference between the red tickers’s closing price and
      its MA
    • Smooth value must exceed the filter percentage before a signal will be given. A
      signals occur where the red line moves above or below the average by the specified
  2. MACD

    The MACD indicator has three adjustable parameters
    • MACD Slow -length of slow moving average
    • MACD Fast – length of fast moving average
    • MACD Trigger – length of trigger moving average

    MACD is calculated using only the red line and in general, MACD Slow must be greater
    than MACD Fast.

  3. Relative strength

    The yellow line is the ratio of the total return of the issue
    to the total return of the index.
    • The short moving average (blue line) is computed using Short Average value from
      the Parameter Panel.
    • The long moving average (purple line) is computed using long avg parameter.
    • R = (RedTodayPrice /Red1stPrice) /(GreenTodayPrice / Green1stPrice) * 10
  4. RSI

    This chart uses one adjustable parameter, P (The number of days averaged). The calculations are based on day-to-day changes in Adjusted Price.
  5. P Chart

    • The red line is a plot of Adjusted Price.
    • The yellow and purple lines are exponential moving averages of the Adjusted Price.
    • The values reported by the Dashed Pole are based on the reported (i.e. not adjusted)
      price as it appeared in the paper on any given day.
    • The red value is the price as in the paper.
    • The yellow and purple values are the exponential moving averages using the number
      of yellow or purple days on the screen.

    As more data accumulates and more distributions are paid, then the Adjusted Price
    changes BUT because of the formula given above, the reported yellow and purple values
    are unchanged.