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Chart Trend Lines

The FT Cloud chart trend lines are very straightforward. Click on the FT Cloud tab, open up the chart by clicking the “Chart” button in the upper center of the screen.

Trend Line

The trend lines only work on the T Chart, so make sure there is at least one “T” in the chart definition box.T Chart


To activate the trend line drawing, click the “Trend Lines” plus box in the upper right corner of the T chart. A new “Trend Lines” window will appear.

Trend line


Basic Functions:

Trend line

  1. Trend Line Toggle – toggle trend line drawing on and off
  2. Color Selector – select which line you will use to draw trend
  3. Clear Trends – clear all lines off the T Chart
  4. Trend line position bar – vertical bar that shows the cursor position when drawing trend lines

How to Use:

Trend lines are set with the mouse. Follow these instructions:

  1. Click the left mouse button to plant the first line point
  2. Move the mouse and click one more time to plant the second point
  3. Move the mouse again to extend the line on the current slope
  4. Click the left mouse button a third time to complete the trend

The escape key will erase the last click of the mouse.