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FT Chart – Hot Keys – Available Charts – Export Data

The spreadsheet is a great place to analyze groups of funds to create, edit, and perfect families. Each ticker has its own row and each column shows the relevant data for that ticker.

  1. Calculate Button – Click this to calculate/ recalculate statistics on the spreadsheet (similar to F9 in microsoft excel)
  2. Family Text Box – Name of family of tickers loaded on the spreadsheet (if applicable)
  3. Launch Buttons –
    • Chart – Open FastTrack style chart of selected ticker in separate window (see chart help page for more information)
    • New – Open multiple FastTrack style charts
    • Correlation Matrix – Launch correlation matrix with the tickers currently loaded on the spreadsheet
    • Quick view – launch quick information window of ticker currently selected in spreadsheet.
  4. Load/Save Family – The buttons load or save families on the spreadsheet. “Load family” will launch the load family screen. “Save Family” will launch the save family screen to save the current tickers on the spreadsheet
  5. Date Short Cuts- Click each link to display the corresponding time period.
  6. Spreadsheet Rows and Columns – Each ticker on the spreadsheet has its own row. To add new ticker, load from family or type new tickers into the last row of spreadsheet.
  7. Right Click – Right click any column or row to display the right click menu
    • Copy – Copy selected columns and rows
    • Paste – Paste tickers from excel, FT4web, or text
    • Delete – Delete selected rows
    • Clear Spreadsheet – Clear all tickers from spreadsheet
    • Auto Size Columns – Adjust the widths of all columns to the size of data
  8. Stat Side Panel – Add or remove statistic columns from spreadsheet.
  9. Start/End Date – Dial in specific calculation dates. Click “apply” button to re-calculate spreadsheet with new dates.
  10. Addition Controls
    • Basis – Ticker used as basis in Sharpe and FT Alpha calculations
    • Benchmark- Ticker used as basis in Beta, Correlation, and Standard Deviation calculations
    • Export to CSV- Export current spreadsheet data to excel file

Load Family

spreadsheet load family

  1. Search Families – Search all FT4web families. Enter family name. Press enter or “search”
  2. My Families – List of custom families you created in FT Rebalance
    • Click the family to display the members of the family on the right
    • Click “name” so sort by name
    • Click “Date Created” to sort by date created
  3. Description – Description of selected family
  4. Member Grid – Details the ticker and names of all members in the selected family
  5. Load/Cancel –
    • Click “Load” to put the select family tickers in the spreadsheet
    • Click “Cancel” to exit screen and return to spreadsheet