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Details basic functionality to get started with log in tab



  1. Click these tab items to navigate through the different sections of FT Rebalance
  2. Enter your account number and password here. Press the “Log in” button to begin using FT Rebalance.
  3. The status of your login will be displayed here. “SUCCESS” in green means you’re successfully logged in. Any message in red means an error occurred and will offer instructions on how to mitigate.
  4. Use these links to manage your FT Rebalance subscription
  5. We are constantly updating, improving, and debugging FT Rebalance. Press this button to update FT Rebalance to the latest version.


What is the purpose of the login tab?

On this tab you can: 1) Enter your account number and password to identify yourself to FT Rebalance. 2) Locate helpful links to sign up, re-subscribe, and change your subscription. 3)Modify universal FT Rebalance items like chart color and line thickness 4)Check for new software updates

Where do I start?
To start, press the “Login” button on the left side of the screen. The word “Success!” should appear in the “Status” area to the right of the button.
After you successfully log in, you are ready to start with the Compare, Trade, or Family tab.

I already have a FastTrack FT4Web subscription. Do I need a separate FT Rebalance subscription?
Yes, a separate FT Rebalance subscription is required. Sign up here LINK. BUT, your

Do I need a data subscription to use FT Rebalance?

No, a data subscription is not necessary. FT Rebalance includes data.

How do I update the data FT Rebalance uses?

Updating data is not necessary. FT Rebalance retrieves all data from the internet as you need it. The data retrieved from the internet is always the most up to date.

After I press the login button, I get an error message “-6000000” or “-5500000”

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet. If the issue is not resolved, call FastTrack tech support at (646) 755-9895 .