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Also visit for examples how to to use FT Cloud’s prebuild families.

Just like FT4web, FT Cloud organizes groups of tickers in families. One of the inputs to the momentum model is the model’s family. The momentum model will choose the best funds from the family to invest in based on the other parameters you’ve defined in the strategy.


  1. All data used in FT Cloud is saved into “the cloud.” So, if you’ve created families using FT4Web, you need to upload those families to the FT Cloud cloud to use them in FT Rebalance. This button provides a quick short cut to upload your families.
  2. Save, Save As, and create new FT Cloud Families
  3. List of all families saved in FT Cloud
  4. To improve workflow, right click on the family and click “Update All Tabs to Family.” This will fill the all family parameter on the compare, trade, and optimizer tabs, as well as load then family into the spreadsheet.
  5. Name and description details of the currently selected/editing family.
  6. List of tickers and names of the currently selected family. This area functions similar to excel. To edit or add tickers to the family, just type, paste, or delete the ticker in the desired cell.

Static Model

Also visit for information on leveraging static models

In addition to the momentum model, FT Cloud can also create equity curves for static allocation models. A static allocation model can be described like, “reallocate assets to 80% S&P 500 and 20% long term bonds at the end of every year.”

  1. Save, save as, and create new FT Cloud families.
  2. List of all static models saved in FT Rebalance.
  3. This area functions similar to excel. Enter the ticker for the asset you own in the “ticker” column then the percentage in the “percent” column.


  • FT Cloud will read your custom data from your hard drive via a file called a “FNU” The grid shows the details of all fnu data currently available to FT Cloud.
  • FT Cloud reads FNUs from from the location specify in the “local location” text box in the lower right. Only FNUs located in this folder are read into FT Cloud.
  • Use the “Show only recent FNUs” check box to hide any FNUs that have not been updated for 45 days or more.
  • Read more about the FNU format here: