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FT Cloud will help you pick the best mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks

Familiar charts, but better performance and more user friendly

Familiar charts with better performance and workflow
Charts cover timing, max draw down, MACD, total return, etc.


Lightning Fast Spreadsheet.

Pick the best mutual funds, ETFs, or stocks in seconds!

Easy to navigate, optimize for two screens

Fast Spreadsheet Use all of your computer’s processors.
Quickly crunch maxdraw down, correlation, beta, alpha, standard deviation for 100, 5000, 10000, etc tickers in seconds.separator

Ticker Quick Review

quick review
Easily scroll lists, visualize draw downs, and analyze statistics to help choose the best mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks.


All new Correlation Matrix

correlation matrix
Quickly visualize and highlight highly correlated assets. Own a diverse group of the best mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks


All Valuable Statistics

Max draw down
Ticker names

Annualized returns
Ticker start dates
Market Capitalization
Shares Outstanding
Total return
Standard deviation
Sharpe ratio
52 week High/Low
1 year dividend yield
Ulcer Index
Ulcer Performance Index
+ more


Great Timing Charts

Total return
Relative strength
Pairs Trading
Composite trading

Build and back test hundreds of different momentum,
static, and composite mutual fund, stocks, and ETF strategies

easily test numerous mutual fun, stock, and etf strategies to find optimal risk and reward

“No surprises” is key when designing mutual fun, stock, or ETF strategies.
FT Cloud+ has all the necessary tools to audit, track, and test any number of mutual fund, stock, or ETF strategies.

Every equity curve is a composition of different positions,
with FT Cloud+ its easy to view day to day changes in positions.

A simple mouse move, displays the positions and allocation of every day on the chart.


Quick Views of Return and Market Days

easily audit the mutual fun, stock, and etf strategies to find optimal risk adjusted return

Click to plant the solid pole, drag to move the thin pole.

All the critical information you need is instantly displayed to help find audit the mutual fund, stock, and ETF strategies.


Easy to Find Max Drawdowns

find max draw down with our innovative tools. mutual fun, stock, and etf strategies must have acceptable risk and reward

Minimizing drawdowns are essential to quality mutual fund, stock, and ETF strategies.

FT Cloud+’s charting tab highlights max draw downs. Just one click and the max drawdown shade highlights the relevant area to help spot the best mutual fund, stock and ETF strategies.


Visualize System Trade Days

plot the trade days of all mutual fun, stock, and etf strategies

We’ve designed FT Cloud+ to make it very, very easy to understand any strategy you design. With that in mind, we’ve made it super simple to analyze the trading required for all top mutual fun, stock, and ETF strategies.

Click the “Overlay Trade Delay” button and every trade day is highlighted with a yellow vertical line. This is invaluable tool when developing more active mutual fun, stock and ETF strategies.


Chart Side View of Strategies

plot the trade days of all mutual fun, stock, and etf strategies

FT Cloud+ delivers all the necessary information to designs and test top performing mutual fun, stock, and ETF strategies. The number of positions is critical and easy to find with FT Cloud+.

The innovative “Holdings Tab” will show how mutual fun, stock, and ETF strategies total positions drift up and down over time. The Y axis displays the number of positions and the X axis show the date.