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FastTrack Market Data API

us stock market data api

FastTrack offers a comprehensive market data API covering 22,000+ mutual funds, ETFs, indexes, and stocks. FastTrack specializes in accurate dividend adjusted closing price data (total return), which is essential to any historical investment model or statistical analysis. Read more about accurate data here

30+ Years of Service

Individual and professional investors have used FastTrack’s Market Data API for investment decisions since 1989. We offer accurate dividend adjusted closing prices, as well as stats, ticker names, and organization (families). All data points are available programmatically so you or your company can integrate trading, signals, reports, etc with FastTrack data.

Data Coverage

FastTrack’s database covers virtually all investable assets back to 1988. We include over 30,000 open ended mutual funds, 500+ closed end funds,  3,300+ ETFs, 5,000+ stocks, and 1,200+ indexes. We update our catalog daily, pruning discontinued, merged, liquidated funds and adding all requests and new issues.

Explore Our Data

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1000s of Indexes

FastTrack’s index catalog contains all major market indexes, commodity indexes, international indexes, and more. Notable, FastTrack’s index database contains comprehensive coverage of investment grade, junk, and emerging market bond indexes.

Always Available

Closing prices are updated three times a day, 7am, 6:35pm and 8:20pm Eastern. The status is available via the Data Status API.

Export Support

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Market Data API

FastTrack’s offers a highly available REST API covering all major data points, including closing, open, high, low, volume.


Find our full documentation, tutorials, and example code here:

Excel Add-In

We also offer a convenient Excel Add-in built on top of our REST API. It offers a perfect non-technical introduction to FastTrack Market Data.

Data Available Through API