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Faster Access to Large Data Sets

The FT Cloud Spreadsheet just got faster!

Navigate to the spreadsheet tab, then click the “Preload data from FT4win” checkbox. This will launch the data preload wizard. Follow the instruction and you’ll be all set.

FT Rebalance Data PreLoad

If you have an FT4web, you have access to all or part of the FastTrack database on your local computer. Instead of connecting to the cloud for each ticker (reasonable for 1-750 tickers, but quite time consuming for large datasets), you can now preload the data from your local computer and cut down the data transfer overhead.

So, the HUGE benefit of pre-loading is the MASSIVE time savings gained by eliminating the data transfer overhead. Reading the data from your hard drive to FT Cloud+ is much much quicker than reading the data from the FastTrack servers to FT Cloud+.

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