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30 Years of Service!

Every 10 years FastTrack extends its database to accommodate more days of data. We just completed the 4th expansion!

All FT4web users should have seamlessly downloaded the new database via FT Comm. FT Cloud users access data on demand, via the web, and remain un-impacted.

If you’re experiencing any issues, give us a call at (866) 295-0166 x2

Some Fun History

In 1989, FastTrack released our first database. We designed it to fit on a 40Mb hard drive and included 300 or so of the biggest mutual funds at the time. A typical users connected to our T1 server via a 1200 baud dial up modem and 800 number. (If you’re not aware or new to FastTrack, our FT4web product houses all data for the 17k+ tickers in our database on your local computer. )

Today, FastTrack includes, over 17k high quality funds, etfs, and stocks in the database and deliver our products over the HUGE pipes at Amazon AWS. We dividend adjusted all symbols with the highest quality data on the market. It literally cannot be found anywhere else.

The Future

We’ve proud of the solid 30 years of service to we’ve provided and thankful for all our existing, new, and future customers. We looking forward to the next 10 and beyond!