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FastTrack Excel Add In

FastTrack offers an Excel add-in to provide easy access to FastTrack's entire database of pricing, statistics, and other financial data.

Our add in enable 21+ custom functions that you can use just like any other Excel function.

Getting Started


FastTrack's Market Data Excel Add-In is free to download via the Microsoft AppSource Office Store

22 iShares ETFs are free to use with the app.

To Access all of FastTrack's data, you must have a valid FastTrack account number and password and:

  • A current FT Cloud+
  • A current FT4web subscription to 2 databases

Install Add-in

FastTrack's Market Data Add In is available in Microsoft AppSource Office Store.

Direct Install

Download from the AppSource web listing here:

From Excel

  • Open Excel. Then Click the "Insert" tab on the Excel Ribbon.
  • Next, click "My Add-ins" from the Insert Ribbon to launch the "Office Add-ins" window.
  • Next, Select "Store" from horizontal list of links at the top of the screen.
  • Search the store for "fasttrack".
  • Select "Add" from the right of the FastTrack Market Data listing.

Sign In

  • After installing the Add-in, open the FastTrack Market Data Task pane by clicking the FastTrack lightning bolt icon on the "Home" ribbon.
  • Click the "Account" link on the FastTrack Market Data Task Pane in the right side of Excel.
  • Enter your FastTrack account number and password.
  • Click "Save Credentials"
Account Number & Password

Your account number and password are generated and emailed when you sign up for FT Cloud.

FT4Web users can find their account information in FT Comm's "User Settings" tab.


Sector Heat Map

This excel template organizes 120 FastTrack tickers into a heatmap visualization. It covers 11 sectors, such as Basic Materials, Communication Services, Consumer Cyclical, Tech, and Indexes. But modify with your own tickers as needed.

Portfolio Reallocation Template

This template is a worksheet to assist in portfolio rebalancing.

1. Add your current portfolio weighting

2. Add your desired portfolio weighting

The worksheet then indicates the number of shares to buy and sell for the desired portfolio.

Weighted Portfolio Returns Template

This template is a worksheet to compare any portfolio against a single or weighted benchmark.

1. Defined your portfolio (ticker and % allocation)

2. Defined your benchmark or blended benchmark

Review the performance of your portfolio vs the benchmark on the Report page.

Portfolio Correlations Template

This template is a cross-correlation matrix that compares the 5-year correlation of each portfolio component to each other.

Simply define the components of your portfolio, then view the heatmap graphic of the portfolio's cross-correlations.

Custom Functions

FastTrack's Add In creates custom functions that draw FastTrack market data into excel. The full list of functions is below.