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Earlier Nightly Data Update

Data Available at 6:50 pm EST

We’ve been hard at work improving our data collection and publishing process. We did a full revamp of our data collection back end, and are now collecting, processing, and adjusting data at a record pace.

Our new database publish schedule is as follows:

Publish 1

6:50pm Eastern

Publish 1 includes updated prices and dividends for all stocks, ETFs, COF, and approximately 90% of open end funds. Liquid Alts, smaller funds, some internationals, etc commonly need to report delayed NAVs and get updated in Publish 2.

Publish 2

8:20 pm Eastern

Publish 2 includes any changes made to Publish 1 number, index updates, and all remaining open-end funds not reported in Publish 1.

Publish 3

7:20 am Eastern (on the following day)

Publish 3 is released the following morning and includes any updates and dividends processed overnight and early morning.

Visit the data blog here:

Visit our new status page here:

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