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The Cloud

Welcome to the 21st Century!

The cloud is the wave of the futures and now you and now your investment research can get on board! FT Cloud employs the latest and greatest cloud technology. This means our service is always up, always running, and lightning fast! You’re investing decisions will never have to wait.

  • Whether you’re at home or at your office, your FT Cloud experience is the same.
  • Never worry about losing your data. We back it up every night so you don’t have to!
  • Corrupt data files are a thing of the past. FT Cloud manages all the hard database work for you.

The Cleanest Possible Data

Countless financial platforms require you to maintain you own database. With the FT Cloud and the cloud this is offloaded to the FT Cloud servers. FT Cloud has the best possible FastTrack data at all times.

Never worry about corrupt data, missing tickers, lost files. FT Cloud feeds directly form the FastTrack data source, so FT Cloud has the best and most correct data in real time.

Security and Backups

We store, encrypt, and back up all your important information every night.

Get a new computer? Did your computer crash Or maybe you’re just out of town away from your main computer.

No problem. Just redownload FT Cloud and you’re all set. Every family, every FNU, every snapshot, every data point is saved!


Access your data from anywhere. If your on vacation, out of the office, or anywhere else, you’re FT Cloud families, strategies, and data are available.