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Charting Bitcoin with FastTrack

Bitcoin graphic fasttrack

Bitcoin is back on the front page, breaking above above the $10k mark again last week. While its a speculative asset class and typically not something a FastTracker would devote much capital, we have been getting a good number of calls about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and related tech.

What do we think, worth a gamble?

He’re a quick list below of most popular/ asked about ETFs, Funds, and stocks. Look out for the bitcoin family coming soon.

Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency/ Blockchain
GBTC – Bitcoin Investment Trust
ARKW – ARK Web x.0 ETF
ARKK – ARK Innovation ETF
BLOK – Amplify Transformational Data S ETF
BLCN – Reality Shares ETF Nasdaq NextGen E
KOIN – Innovation Shares NextGen Protocol ETF
LEGR – First Trust Indxx Invtv Tnsctn&Prcs ETF
KOIN – Innovation Shares NextGen Protocol ETF

LBCC – Long Blockchain Corp
OSTK – Overstock
RIOT – Riot Blockchain
KODK – Eastman Kodak Co
MGI – MoneyGram International
NVDA – Nvidia

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