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All About Muni Bond Indexes

We’re fielding lots of questions about muni bonds, specifically what muni bond indexes FastTrack carries and how to benchmark funds and ETFs against them.

Check out the muni bond index list below. FastTrack carries a full list of Bloomberg Barclays and Merril/ BofA bond indexes.

BBM-U – BBG Muni USD Idx
BBM-I – BBG Muni Bond Composite Idx
MLMM- – ML Municipal Master Div-Adj Ix
MLMH- – ML BofA US Muni Bd Yield Ix
BBM-1 – BBG Muni Bond 1yr Idx
BBM-3 – BBG Muni Bond 3yr Idx
BBM-5 – BBG Muni Bond 5yr Idx
BBM-7 – BBG Muni Bond 7yr Idx
BBM-T – BBG Muni Bond 10yr Idx
BBM-F – BBG Muni Bond 15yr Idx
BBM-2 – BBG Muni Bond 20yr Idx
BBM-L – BBG Muni Bond Long Term Idx
BBM-B – BBG Muni Bond 1-10yr Blend Idx
ML-BM – ICE US Broad Municipal Idx
MLMB- – ML BBB Grade Div-Adj Muni Ix
SP-MA – S&P Municipal Bond Accrual Idx
SP-MH – S&P Municipal Bond HY DivAjd I
SP-MP – S&P Municipal Bond Puerto Rico

Click on the link above to view our new FT Cloud shareable charts.


YTD Muni Composite vs Total Bond Market