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Investors FastTrack is an industry leading mutual fund, ETF, stocks market data and strategy provider. Since Investors FastTrack’s founding in 1989, FastTracks software has been a key component to thousands of money managers, financial planners, RIAs, plan sponsors and individual investors success.

Investors FastTrack has been featured in the Wall St Journal, Stocks and Commodity and many more publications and our products have are recognized as “a must have” for anyone who invests.


We employ programmers, tech support personnel, data entry and collection experts, as well as savvy investors. We know first hand why quality mutual fund, ETF, stocks market data of extreme importance and we strive to be the best in the field.

We are SEC Registered Investment advisers (RIA) filing form ADV and qualifying under rule 203A-2(f) which permits us to provide services in all US states and territories.

Mission Statement

We train and provide tools to all types of investors (money managers, financial planners, RIAs, plan sponsors and individuals). The core of these tools is our high quality mutual fund, ETF, stocks market data.

  • We provide high quality, dividend-adjusted mutual fund, ETF, and stock data
  • We are serious about data quality
  • We provide simple and effective trading systems
  • We train and support users
  • We listen to what the customers have to say


Investors FastTrack was formed in 1989 by founder Paul Charbonnet, in Baton Rouge.
In the early 90’s, high quality dividend adjusted mutual fund data did not exist for the mass public. As an entrepreneur and an educated investor, Paul decided to design a line of products to help other investors save time and become more efficient when making decisions.

FastTrack products have made a huge impact in the financial world over the past 25 years. Over the past 3 years, Daniel Charbonnet has developed a new line of products designed to meet the growing needs of investors. Our new product line showcases a modern interface, cloud based software and many more new features.

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Meet the Leaders

Paul Charbonnet - founding partner of mutual fund, ETF, stocks market data analysis tools

Founding Partner

Paul Charbonnet

Daniel Charbonnet - lead developer and of mutual fund, ETF, stocks market data analysis tools

FT Cloud Lead Developer

Daniel Charbonnet